Electric Lift Chairs

Lift chairs (sometimes referred to as ‘recliner chairs’), have a control box that allows a powerful mechanism to lift the entire chair up from its base, helping the user move into a standing or sitting position more easily.


Designed to assist people who have difficulty standing or sitting, lift chairs are available in many styles and fabrics, with different motor options. The more motors the chair has, the more options you have.


Single Motor

A single motor lift chair will allow your legs to raise, then it will recline your backrest. When you sit up in the chair, the back will sit you up, then the footrest will pack away, and if you keep your finger on the button, you will raise to your feet.


Dual Motor

A dual motor lift chair will allow you to bring your feet up for a relaxed afternoon with a book. You can also bring your feet up and recline your back for an afternoon nap. Because you can move the backrest and leg rest separately, you can achieve more positions than with a single motor lift chair.


Take a look at Power Mobility’s range of lift chairs below or come into our showroom to try them for yourself.

The Shoreditch – Theorem Concepts Recliner
The Mercer – Theorem Concepts Lift Chair
Pride C1 Lift Chair
Pride C6 Lift Chair
Pride D30 Lift Chair
Pride T3 Lift Chair
Pride LC440 Power Stand Assist