Ottobock Power Chairs

Ottobock – Mobility for People
All around the world, the Ottobock name stands for high-quality and technologically outstanding products and services. The goal of helping to restore mobility for people – or protect what mobility they have – stands behind each and every Ottobock product. The conviction that quality of life is closely associated with a maximum of individual freedom and independence is a key concept that has been a major influence throughout the company’s 90 year history.
Since its founding in Berlin in 1919, Ottobock has pursued a vision: to improve the mobility of people with disabilities through innovative products. In doing so, the company equates quality with “Quality for life”: the quality of life enjoyed by the people who use Ottobock products every day. People at the centre, their individuality and requirements and needs with respect to functionality, quality as well as design form the basis for the company’s enduring capability of innovation.
Ottobock Wheelchairs & Seating
Enabling people with a disability to achieve more everyday independence requires working in close partnerships. Thanks to many years of experience and a steadily growing product range, we are able to offer users new possibilities for mastering life more easily. Individual fitting solutions that offer maximum mobility, independence and therapeutic support for our users – that is our objective.

Ottobock Juvo B6R Rear Wheel Drive Power Chair
Ottobock Juvo B6F Front Wheel Drive Power Chair